January 11, 2006

N O T   G U I L T Y !

N O T   G U I L T Y !

I just don't know what to say — there's no way to pour out all the whirlwind inside my soul right now, after the news that lightened up this day, the next couple of days, maybe even weeks ahead!

After all these months, after all the madness… the court in Thessaloniki has declared Nikolay Barovsky not guilty!

Relief… joy… quiet — and sometimes not so quiet — delight… no, I really cannot find the words to express it all. Just… as Spas said, many heartfelt congratulations to all of those who tried to help, to do anything, however small and insignificant, to show they cared — it seems there was a point after all!

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January 06, 2006

Take my breath away…

Firefoxies and the Bulgarian flag

I got the link from peshos — thanks a lot!

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