November 07, 2006

Time — what is time?

[на български]

“Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensation…”

Night-time. Driving home. Thoughts fluttering this way and that. Memories crowding each other, pushing past one another, all mixed up in a surreal collage of emotions. Every now and then, the memory of one single experience or another manages to float up, past all the others, and fill the mind completely for a moment or five. “So when did this happen — yesterday morning? The day before, just before lunch?”… A confuzzled moment of mixing and matching other events and experiences. “This morning?! Impossible!”… So much seems to have happened since then — is it possible that all of this did fit into a single day?…

Aye, it is. A long day. For very large values of “long”.

I think you've all had days like this.

But how many times in your life have there been five such days in a row?

It seems that today was the first “normal” day after those five — and I already wish it weren't.

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