April 05, 2004

Yes, it is Fool's day again.

Google announced that they will start a free e-mail service with 1GB of storage here. Apr 3. It now appears that Gmail was not a joke.
Google hiring for jobs on the moon ? here (via anima).
Joro Chorbadjijski has been hit by a car here (in Bulgarian)

Orkut announces "Telepathic orkut" here (orkut account required)

Telepathic orkut 4/1/2004

orkut.com continues to be a leader in technical innovations and is pleased to announce "Telepathic orkut" on its orkut social networking service. "Telepathic orkut is a breakthrough in online technology," comments Orkut Buyukkokten, the engineer credited with the invention. Users can now logon to orkut, create their profile and then telepathically fill in their deepest desires which only members of their network can receive. This is a huge differentiator between all the other run-of-the-mill social networking sites where users have to manually type in their personal and professional profiles. Prior to software development, Buyukkokten was trained to communicate with Siberian Tigers in Moscow.

All Orkut profiles got an uneditable desires line similar to this one:
desires: self-handedly cause the extinction of an entire species, bring about world peace, date Orkut

I announced that I am leaving Industria, only to say it was a joke half an hour later.

A friend invites me for a party at his place tonight. He says he is becomming a father.

A New Israeli test confirms: PEI (Pigeon Enabled Internet) is FASTER then ADSL here

Omniscience Protocol Requirements (IETF RFC3751) here.

BBCNews: Cold war bomb warmed by chickens here

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