April 25, 2004

news of the northern world

Deep Purple (with Ian Gilian and Steve Morse) are coming on a concert somewhere at the end of June. I couldn't get a ticket at first, but the local agent released more tickets and this time I managed to get one. There is a rumor floating around that Metallica are coming to Iceland this summer as well. The Metallica site says July 4th - Reykjavik. No tickets out yet.

No credit card yet. Some banks want credit history for even the simplest cards, others issue you a credit card with nice discounts and benefits with no problems. I'm still waiting for mine though.

Thursday 22 Apr was a national holiday. The beginning of summer. According to Icelandic tradition summer begins on this day. It is celebrated by giving presents to children and hanging around town. The "night" is becoming shorter and shorter. The civil night length is under 6 hours already. Sun set to sun rise is under 8h. On May 10th sun set to sun rise will be under 6 hours. From May 20th and on there is no civil night. Between June 10th and July 10th - sun set to sun rise is below 3 hours.

Eti's digital camera is in Reykjavik, waiting for some customs processing stuff. Anyway the price of the same camera here is about 40% higher than buying it from the States, shipping and taxes. I'll keep you posted on the quality of the gadget when I get to play with it. The camera is a prosumer class camera - Sony DSC-V1. Extremely small and lightweight for the price and features. Good value for money. I'll post sample shots to UrbanStyle and here somewhere next week. The next batch of Nikon D70 cameras is in stores. Wait for next salary and I'll order mine. Infrared photography is the next artistic thing I'll be looking into.

I bought a microwave oven with grill yesterday. Microwave popcorn is good. Haven't tried it for anything else yet. It is amazing how simple things have become to use. All you need to do is read a 5-page manual with pictures and examples and you are a ready microwave oven operator. Yet there are certain annoyances with my oven, especially the loud _beep_ sound every time you press a button.

Posted by boyan at April 25, 2004 04:44 PM

Your English is perfect,but I think that you must write some blogs into Bulgarian.It was a long time that I have didn't any info about You.
Success and pleasures and so...:)))Sorry for mistakes.
Your friend

Posted by: Vili at April 26, 2004 08:43 PM

Аз по тоя повод си дебъгнах мойта микровълнова и изкарах обратна връзка от таймера и от зумера, за да влезе в крайната система за тотален контрол, която в момента работи на релета, но за сметка на това успешно ми заема нощите в борба с кода на линукския парпорт драйвер. Живи и здрави. Силно недоволен че рейдиохед не са високо в тазседмичната ВХ-1 класация на парцали от 90-те. И чухте ли за новата тактика? Казва се "кукувица", разни блогери ползвали поленцето за коментар по блоговете на хората за да блогват техни неща... Ха,ха, и аз май току-що направих туй. Колко огнеопасно ;) Да не разсърдим любезния домакин само.

Posted by: Verbum at May 9, 2004 08:07 PM