May 02, 2004

today's photo picks

The weather (and light :) ) was excelent and I went downtown for a small photo session. I managed to almost fill the biggish 256MB flash card with some 100+ photos and to almost exhausted the first batery. That's why I did bring a second batery and second flash card with me, just in case. So here are the picks.

vrata chovek prozorec.jpg

letqshta ptica.jpg

ptici pluvat.jpg

prica spi.jpg

The first two got uploaded to for review by photo hobby fellas.

The Sony DSC-V1 proves to be an excelent camera, although the bright reflections from the water totally messed up its metering system and most pictures were underexposed. I should have expected that and tuned the exposure compensation to aid it. Now I know.

Posted by boyan at May 2, 2004 03:26 AM