July 06, 2004

Metallica concert

I went to a Metallica concert here in Reykjavik. It was the biggest concert I've been to. Imagine 18000 people packed in a football field sized hall, almost no sitting places and almost no place to move around. Huge. I had a good spot some 25 meters away from the stage right behind a fence. The sound was not too good, but the peformance and the croud were great.
This is the first time Metallica comes to Iceland. They played for two and a half hours. James promised they'll come again soon.
Metallica is selling MP3s and FLACs from that concert here

Posted by boyan at July 6, 2004 01:29 AM

I envy you... :)

Posted by: Nickola at July 12, 2004 06:12 AM