August 05, 2004

too much work?

Well, folks, it seems I've been working way too much the last couple of weeks. Not even a single blog entry... :)
Marieta is coming to Iceland on the August 14.
I'm on vacation Sep 4 to Sep 19. I think we will be mostly around Iceland with Marieta.
Bulgaria is playing Iceland on Sep 4. That's here in Iceland. It is quite likely that my father and some family friends will come for the game.
Industria is growing. We are looking for networking people besides all the other stuff. If you understand why generating ICMP unreachables on Cisco 3550s takes central CPU time and if you can reverse undocumented BGP configurations with communities, reflectors and all that jazz, maybe you can fit in the position we need. Anyway, if you feel like beign cluefull in networks, especially MAN/WAN design, qos, security, routing and switching drop me an email at boyan at industria com. I'll give you more details.


Posted by boyan at August 5, 2004 12:47 PM