February 20, 2005

good places for broadband

Based on population density, GDP per capita, mobile and land phones per capita and UN HDI these are the best countries for broadband:
1.Macau, 2.Monaco, 3.Hong Kong, 4.Singapore, 5.Gibraltar, 6.Taiwan, 7.Bermuda, 8.Malta, 9.Japan, 10.South Korea, 11.Netherlands, 12.Bahrain, 13.Belgium, 14.Jersey, 15.United Kingdom, 16.Germany, 17.Guernsey, 18.Italy, 19.Israel, 20.Barbados, 21.Puerto Rico, 22.Switzerland, 23.San Marino, 24.Luxembourg, 25.Aruba...

This only takes the above parameters into account and is based on a formula that I figured out and tuned. Your opinion may vary.

Posted by boyan at February 20, 2005 11:50 PM