Anonymous CVS access to the repository

For various reasons anonymous access to the CVS repository is currently disabled. Still, the data is usually yours for the asking.

The CVS repository contains the configuration settings and templates for the blogs hosted here. It can be accessed using the following parameters:

CVS server:
CVS root path: /home/cvs/extel
CVS repository path: www/extel
CVS protocol: pserver
Username: anoncvs
Password: none (just press Enter at the 'cvs login' prompt)
Full CVS -d path:

In other words, to check out the configuration settings, you need to execute the following two commands using the CVS command-line client:

cvs -qd login
(just hit Enter when CVS prompts you for a password)

cvs -qd co www/extel

Note that the CVS access is read-only - you cannot really change the blog settings and templates by committing to this repository :)

Contacts: Peter Pentchev

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