April 05, 2004

Damn technology

I tried to scan a few of my photos today, but our nice HP scanner here in the office refused to work.
I first didn't manage to find damn thing's drivers CD.
Then downloaded the driver from HP's site. It didn't work.
Called a colleague, who said that another colleague had the same problem, and that I should use the CD instead of the downloaded drivers. He also pointed that the CD is somewhere around his desk. Nice.
Uninstalled, unplugged. Installed from the CD. Rebooted, plugged the scanner. Nope, It does not want to move the lamp for a preview scan, and says that maybe another application is trying to use it at the same time.
Tried to connect the scanner to another PC. Discovered that the power supply was the wrong one. Replaced the power supply. It didn't work on my PC with to correct PS. It didn't work on the other PC either. So the problem was not the power cube after all.
This seems to be a software problem.
Damn technology. Our scanner does not work and I spent half day to try and make it work.
What did I get of the whole exercise? A rant in my blog and albums full of not scanned nice photos.

Posted by boyan at April 5, 2004 12:06 AM