April 06, 2004

stuff you can do without an id

This is a list of thing you can do in Iceland without an ID:
  • Go to any bar and drink alcohol. Buy alcohol. (just because you look like a 28-30 year old in Icelandic standards)
  • Change anybody's address registration
  • Ask about the progress of anybody's application for work permit
  • Receive anybody's one year residence and work permit
  • Submit the form for a bank account and a debit card with a photo and signature. So I could _own_ an account with somebody else's name, but my photo.
  • Receive a debit card for your bank account.
  • Receive the password for managing your bank account online.
Talk about secure procedures. Posted by boyan at April 6, 2004 12:41 PM

It's like this everywhere. I found out that I can cancel anybody's subscription to Evrocom's cable Internet, just by knowing his/her username, and signing a piece of paper. They do _NO_ checks.

I guess we network/system admins are a lot more paranoid than normal people, to think of such 'bad' things :)

Posted by: Vasil Kolev at April 7, 2004 01:10 AM