March 22, 2005

Went to Chemical brother's "Push the button" concert. - Highly recommended.

Collegues are buying Mac Minis. - Highly recommended

I bought myself a Nikon D70 with the kit lens and an SB-800 flash. Plus some accessories of course. The kit is simply amazing. If you don't listen to pixel counters the D70 is as good as the Canon 20D, but for half the price. - Highly recommended

I'm going on a one-week vacation to Budapest with Eti starting Apr 1st. I'm open to suggestions about places that we should visit there.

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March 05, 2005


Email is evil.

I wrote 50 something emails last week and read about 200, excluding mailing lists and computer generated messages. I estimate that it took me 10 hours to read the emails I received and another 10 hours to write the emails I sent.

I'm going crazy :)

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