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January 22, 2004

More SCO fun

Whee... According to The Register, NewsForge, Slashdot, and probably coverage in other places, too, SCO has sent a letter (or at least a draft) to the US Congress, asserting that the use of Linux in Europe and Asia is a direct threat to the US economy and, more or less, the US national security...

I just don't know what to say. Yep, a real loss of words. Read the articles, read the draft itself - it *does* have great entertainment value, if nothing else. The problem is, it might indeed have something else, too - it is written in exactly the glib manner that would appeal to a politicians, especially politicianс who dо not always have the time or staff to do the research necessary to expose this as the FUD it is. Yep, we might have a problem here - though I sure hope not.

Posted by roam at January 22, 2004 11:07 AM