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September 01, 2009

IPv6 again

[на български]

Well, after a hiatus of well night eight years (due mostly to procrastination), I finally jumped back onto the IPv6 bandwagon. The last time, I obtained a tunnel from the 6bone; this time, after a recommendation from a FreeBSD developer, I picked SixXS for a tunnel broker.

It turned out to be as simple as "sign up, wait an hour for account approval, fill in a form to request a tunnel, wait two hours for a tunnel approval, download a piece of software, put my username and password into the config file, and watch the dancing turtle!" Well, okay, fine, so the dancing turtle bit shows my age - the KAME project was actually discontinued three years ago :)

Yes, I've got nothing but praise for, and I strongly recommend, SixXS as your way to IPv6. They've got wonderfully responsive staff, points of presence all over Europe and around the world, a really trivial way of setting up the tunnel even behind scary NAT devices, an easy to use and navigate website… I'm sure I can think of more :) And they even gave me 50 bonus credits for being a FreeBSD developer :)

Okay now. I guess it's time to finally update the IPv6 patches for the djbdns port in FreeBSD, and to find a way to get cURL to work with both c-ares *and* IPv6. And, of course, there's the fact that due to the wonders of trn and 6tunnel and the kindness of the folks I can now read ASR again :)

Posted by roam at September 1, 2009 12:58 AM

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