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January 24, 2004

Half down, two and a half to go

As the title goes, today's written part of the Operating Systems exam came and went; four problems about shell scripting and C file I/O - what could be easier? :) Well, we'll see on the second, theoretical part of the exam, on the 29th. After that, the other two exams might take a bit more studying, but that's a thought for another day :) And then, there's the Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms course, where a project is due for the end of February...

Just as I hoped, the exam ended early enough, so that I could see my sister off properly; she's now sent me an arrived-safe note from Frankfurt, and tomorrow she should leap over the Big Puddle. Then we'll see (or rather, she'll see, then tell us) how paranoid the immigration services of the Land of the Free really are.

On another note, some'd say that ten below (Centigrade) is too cold, especially when one does not dress properly, but let me tell you, for waking up in the morning, nothing beats a brisk walk in the snow, even while it is still piling up more and more. There is a Bulgarian phrase, "bjala prikazka", which would translate literally to something like "white fairy-tale", but refers to the beauty and calm of a nice quiet winter day, the ground and everything above it covered by the dazzlingly-white snow, all sound muffed, and the sun still shining... That's the way I felt today, and that's probably the way I'll feel for the rest of the winter - for it is my favorite season, though here, in Bulgaria, it does tend to get a bit on the cold side :)

Okay, that's enough rambling for today, now get thee to some dinner and then to finishing up the project plans for the Network Security course - to give the students some hints as to what we would expect to find in the written assignments that are due kinda soon.

Posted by roam at January 24, 2004 07:59 PM