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July 06, 2004

Back into the maelstrom

So, after a couple of days of rest, I'm pretty much back in circulation - and circulation it is indeed. Yesterday, for example, took me from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informations (at the Sofia University) to my new workplace to my old workplace to my aunt's place... and only then back to my place :) Today looks like pretty much the same, minus FMI, and it seems like the rest of the month will be more or less split between jobs. I wonder what that will do to my sleeping schedule :)

As for the days of rest and studying - I wish I had the time right now to really write about a baptizing celebration in Chiprovci. One of Iva's childhood friends had her son baptized, and then threw what some might call a party, though it was more like a feast - more than 60 guests, a night of eating, drinking, and dancing to Bulgarian folk music (real folk music, definitely not the "chalga" kind). Also, I wish I had the time to write about the LIO and Friends seminar at FMI - several very interesting presentations of work in the IT field done by Bulgarian companies (well, okay, so most of them were FMI graduates :), topped off by a concert of Vasko the Patch (maybe more familiar to Bulgarians as Vasko Krypkata), right there, in the yard of FMI, with about 300 litres of beer. Vasko was not accompanied by Poduene Blues Band, but by his new group, Kaskadyori, briefly presented in an interview he did for his 45th birthday recently.

There were a lot of other things that happened in those four days (it's amazing how much can happen in just four days when you do not spend most of your time staring at a computer's display), but this will have to do for the present. More to come soon... I hope.

Posted by roam at July 6, 2004 11:32 AM