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August 23, 2004

The Whirlwind Tour

Well, our whirlwind holiday tour of Bulgaria has ended and now we're back in Sofia. It all started a bit funky, since I had to go back to Sofia on Monday after just a weekend in Chiprovci and various reasons kept me here till Wednesday, which made the rest of the holiday kind of hectic. Still, we were able to leave on Wednesday and do a Sofia - Troyan - Lovech - Pleven - Tutrakan - Rousse - Srebarna - Silistra - Dobrich - Balchik - Varna - Pliska - Madara - Sofia tour in five days. In the words of some mountain bikers we met on the way to Musala a couple of weeks ago (for some reason I didn't blog about our second, successful attempt to climb Musala), I've got to start wearing a sign saying, "Yep, I'm crazy alright, please don't ask!"

It was a great tour all in all, as witnessed by the fact that I just didn't have neither the time nor the desire to take a couple of minutes each day and write up some notes for this blog. I guess I'll have to do it tomorrow, and also put up some of the pictures - just some of them, since with the new 512MB flash card for the camera one thing kinda led to another and now we have about 800MB of pictures for the past week :) And now it's back to plodding through the wads of e-mail, news articles, blog entries and whatnot that have piled up - who woulda thunk that so much could happen in just one week?

Posted by roam at August 23, 2004 03:21 PM


Point me to your pictures of Sofia once they're online. I visited with my grandmother when I was maybe 10 years old, and wouldn't mind seeing if it looks at all familiar :)

Posted by: Ivan Tumanov at September 2, 2004 06:15 PM
Vortices of Extelligence: Whirlwind Tour Pictures
Some of the pictures from the Whirlwind Tour are now online at the Ringlet gallery. For various reasons, anonymous access to the gallery is not allowed any more, although all you have to do is drop me an e-mail and...
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September 13, 2004 07:22 PM