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October 04, 2004

A couple of minor but important things about DVD's

Jason Scott is keeping a wonderful blog on his great efforts to make a documentary of the history of the BBS's - technology, culture, everything. Now that he's close to completing it, and nearing the phase of actually producing the documentary DVD's, there's a great post on a couple of Do's And Don't's In DVD Production!

Posted by roam at October 4, 2004 06:00 PM


Aahh.. yes. Back in high school I use to run one (as I'm sure a lot of people my age did - at least those in my profession). Gonna have to check out Jason's blog.

Posted by: Ivan Tumanov at October 5, 2004 04:57 AM

Well, I kind of missed the whole BBS wave, mostly because the part of Sofia where I lived did not yet have phone lines at the time (we're talking early 90's here). Still, Jason's documentary blog, as well as the whole site, is definitely worth a couple of hours of anyone's time!

Posted by: Peter Pentchev at October 5, 2004 03:38 PM

I am very surprised to do not find my favorite terminal program Terminate for downloading at this site. It is just mantioned.
Sometimes I miss the good old BBSs. I have been a regular user in Plovdiv's BBSs in the period 1997-2000 - I have a lot of friends from these times. We had meetings each friday in a bar called "Lucky Art" in Plovdiv and there were times when the so called "SysOps' meeting" had more than 50 enthusiast (as you can guess mostly BBS users) on the long table :)

Posted by: Ira at October 29, 2004 05:17 PM