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November 10, 2004

More of Dobri's place near Tryn

This weekend we took another trip up to Dobri's place near Tryn. It was sunny, it was fun, it was all about the beautiful sights and fish and pork cooked over an open fire, it was even a bit of a thrill (in the 'thriller' sense of the word ;) when Andrey told us we had a flat tire, and quite a bit of a relief afterwards, when it turned out to be just a loose valve, it was a great night out (well, we *did* sleep in-house *and* in the sleeping bags), it was a great trip down the canyon of the Erma river, and here are the pictures!

(as usual, if you don't have the username/password to access the Ringlet gallery, just drop me an e-mail, I'll gladly provide them to any interested parties. The point is, anonymous/crawler access is disabled)

Posted by roam at November 10, 2004 01:09 AM