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April 27, 2005

Another Balkandji concert - still without Nikolay Barovsky

I've written about the music of Balkandji before, so it should come as no surprise to anybody that on Monday, I went to yet another one of their concerts. This one was a bit different though, and not just because of the "Set Nikolay Barovsky free - he is innocent" T-shirts that the band members were wearing - they've been wearing them at the last several concerts, ever since the decision to actually spread the word about the grotesque story of his detainment. What was different this time was that Lina, along with Ludmila (Nikolay Barovsky's sister) and a couple of others, managed to put together a surprise for the audience and the band alike - several sheets of paper where anyone and everyone, no matter how close to the Barovsky family or the band, could write down a line or three, or a page or three, that will probably be on their way to Thessaloniki very soon, in time for Nikolay's birthday on May 3rd. Here's hoping that this will brighten up at least that special day for him, that it will show him that he is not alone, not forgotten, that there really are people who have dedicated pretty much all their time to helping him, that there are many others who are trying to help in any way they can, no matter how minor, trying to bring a talented musician, a gifted architect, a wonderful person back to his homeland, back to his family and friends, back to his life as a free man.

For those who know what this is all about; for those who have not come across it yet; for those who know who Nikolay Barovsky is and what has happened to him, and think that this does not concern them; for those who have no idea who he is; for all Bulgarians - take a look at what this is all about, take a minute to understand what has befallen a Bulgarian who has been lingering in detainment for seven months now, not even charged with anything yet, as a result of a gross error (not to use much stronger words), find a way to help!

Oh, and the concert on Monday? Well, there are a couple of pictures in the gallery.

Posted by roam at April 27, 2005 11:25 AM