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November 29, 2005

Towards this land…

[на български]

Towards this land...

There is a Balkandji song, which name in English would probably sound like Towards this land; its lyrics go something like that:

“Towards this land I head again,
I find it and put an end to my fears
Because I'm back here again!”

Well, yeah, we seem to have made it back home — after a week and more of all kinds of exciting, scary, surprising, education or plain old wonderful experiences. I'll post at length about it all a bit later, now here are a few teaser pics, more of those in a day or three:)

Plateau for three? The Kolner Dom An angry wizard
The Kölner idea of a light plateau for three The Kölner Dom — a path to the light from above Do not meddle with the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger
Identity? A big backpack Failover?
The truth revealed? Nametags left to right: “Shteryana Shopova”, “Philip Paeps”, “Erwin Lansing” Now that's what I call a big backpack! Ryan McBride's approach to testing failover systems

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